Our goal is to provide the best solution for the lowest cost, so most of our delivered projects are customized (at least to some degree). However, many of our customers are interested in turn-key options for ruggedized, weather-proof visible timelapse systems using consumer DSLR cameras so we offer this option in a more modular, off-the-shelf fashion.

Generally, a completed system (camera, lens, electronics, enclosure, battery, and solar panel) will run in the ~$2000-$2500 range. The usual default electronics option includes a SD card to store activity logs, including relevant metadata on temperature, voltage, humidity, pyrometer value, etc. This can go down (if you want to supply the camera or other components yourself), or up (if you need extra cold-temperature ruggedization, extra battery power/extreme low-power options for polar installations, specialized electronics like satellite links, smart optics like wavelength filters or Scheimpflug focus options, enclosures, etc.)

We can ship these systems complete & assembled, and theycan be installed in minutes. The whole system can be serviced in the field (e.g., change intervals and options) without the need for other computers or hardware.

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PAR | DSLR time lapse station intervalometer PAR | Standalone visible time lapse system intervalometer PART | timelapse intervalometer