Projects and Expertise:

We excel at making specialized instruments to meet the needs of researchers and cinematographers. A few of our previous and on-going projects:

High-resolution timelapse in extreme environments:
Remote installations in some of the harshest locations on the planet have driven development of robust, low-power autonomous systems that do not compromise on image quality. Ranging from ruggedization and enhancements of commercial components to fully custom-built rigs, we can meet your budget and measurement requirements in installations that make "go pros" shudder in their plastic boots.


Ruggedized timelapse system developed for deployment in the Antarctic Dry Valleys (NSF-Sponsored). System is designed to capture geologic activity throughout a full year - including a punishing austral winter devoid of sunlight- at relatively high temporal and spatial resolution. For more information, contact Dr. Joseph Levy.

Timelapse for cinematography:

Modern movie making shares many of the same demands as high-end research projects- the best images from often treacherous environments. We have supported a number of projects tailored to the needs of cinematographers.


  • Sunrise/Sunset Scenes
  • Festivals & Events
  • Astronomy and Night Sky
  • You name it!




We've produced several advanced intervalometer systems that work with industry standard cameras to produce the effects desired in time-lapse work in a field-setable . More advanced units can include high-dynamic range and exposure bracketing.

One great application of the timelapse effect was produced of the starfield and northern lights in this sequence from PHD TV. For more info, contact Dr. Jorge Cham at PHD Comics.

Infrared Studies and Thermal Infrared Timelapse:

The near and mid infrared regions of the spectrum are particularly well suited for certain studies. Filters can be used to search for specific species of interest (e.g., water bands, ice, wildfires, etc.) The emissivity of different materials and mixtures strongly affects the greybody emission in the IR, thereby allowing direct measurement of not just temperatures but distinction of otherwise similar materials.

This area of radiometric photography and measurement is rapidly expanding, as cost and power/thermal requirements of these sensors drop dramatically. Systems that used to need a big tank of liquid nitrogen and a lot of power (not to mention bags of money) can now be realized in miniaturized, uncooled, battery operated packages.



  • Electrical fault detection
  • Surface temperature mapping
  • Aerial/UAV surveys
  • Surficial icing
  • Geologic studies (particularly for water and salt content of soils)
  • Icing or melting effects
  • Imaging in non-illuminated or dark areas
  • Tons more. Ask us!

PAR | Thermal infrared  time lapse system on Mauna KeaPAR_ Mauna kea thermal infrared timelapse

Example image (visible overlaid with a radiometrically calibrated infrared thermal map) of a study completed on top of Mauna Kea, HI to search for possible areas of permafrost in the tropics. For more information please contact Dr. Norbert Schorghofer.

PAR | Antarctica Garwood Valley Thermal infrared time lapse

Dual thermal infrared / visible timelapse system employed in Garwood valley in Antarctica to determine mechanisms of melting and liquid flow. For more information, contact Dr. Joseph Levy.

Other Projects:
  • Custom software pipeline development for visible and infrared data pipeline
  • Cameras and instruments for aerospace applications
  • High-resolution cubesat cameras
  • Multispectral instruments for airborne survey (UAV)
  • You name it, and we'll figure it out!